The ProGénoMix platform (CEA-Li2D) is specialized in proteomics, proteogenomics,  metaproteomics, and multi-omics. Its role is to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the functioning of complex biological systems and exploit this knowledge for medical and environmental diagnostics. Currently, the platform is equipped with five high-resolution tandem mass spectrometers featuring Orbitrap technology. The platform also develops proprietary bioinformatic pipelines to explore novel concepts relevant for data science and enhance the value of its datasets. 

The platform actively develops mass spectrometry methodologies for pathogens identification and characterization (tandem mass spectrometry proteotyping) as well as for the study of microbiota. Several patents have been filed regarding the quantification of microbial biomasses and multiplexing samples for rapid microorganism taxonomical identification. Applications are currently developed to span diverse fields including medical, biopharma, forensics, paleometaproteomics, ecotoxicology, environmental and agriculture research. 

In addition to its substantial academic research contributions evident in numerous publications, the ProGénoMix platform collaborates actively with numerous private companies. The ProGénoMIX platform is successful in transferring methods to new infrastructures willing to invest in new high-resolution mass spectrometers and apply the original methodologies proposed by its team. The ProGénoMix platform is involved in the conception of benchmarks of metaproteomics methodologies (CAMPI serie). 

Dr Jean Armengaud leads the ProGénoMix platform, with Dr Lucia Grenga as co-head. Activities are supervised also by Dr Béatrice Alpha-Bazin (wetlab) and Olivier Pible (in silico). Recently, under the EuPA umbrella, Lucia Grenga and Jean Armengaud organized the 5th International Metaproteomics Symposium at the Popes’ Palace in Avignon from April 25th-27th, 2023. They are part of the executive board of the “Metaproteomics Initiative”, a network of experts dedicated to promoting metaproteomics fundamentals, advancements, and applications through collaborative networking in microbiome research.