We pioneered the concept of “phylopeptidomics”, revolutionizing the identification of the taxonomical units present in a metaproteomic sample and enabling accurate estimation of  relative biomasses of all the taxa. Our groundbreaking work encompasses the development of innovative sample preparation and mass spectrometry methods, as well as advanced bioinformatics pipelines, to unravel the intricacies of microbiota functionality.

Applying this methodology, we have successfully characterized a wide range of samples, including medical samples such as the gut microbiome, respiratory tract microbiome, and oral microbiome. Furthermore, our investigations have extended to diverse environmental samples such as soil, marine sediments, and sea water. We have also ventured into biotechnological applications by studying microbiota from industrial processes. In addition, our methodologies have been applied to the analysis of historical relics, including those of notable figures such as Napoléon, Louis XIV King of France, Henri IV King of France, and artifacts from the Dahomey King palace, to name a few examples.

Armengaud, 2022 - Clinical and environmental diagnostics by metaproteomics

By pushing the boundaries of phylopeptidomics, we continue to unlock new possibilities for understanding microbial ecosystems in various contexts, shaping the forefront of metaproteomic research.

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